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  • A Treasure Trove of HDLSR Resources!

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    A huge tip of the cap goes out to for compiling this wonderful and comprehensive list of resources for DSLR users. Check out some of these sites to get the latest news, reviews and inspiration! And be sure to keep us on your radar as well! Enjoy.


    Philip Bloom - Now known as a leader in the HDSLR revolution, Philip Bloom has a lot of knowledge to share on his very popular blog.
    Planet 5D - Videos, news and more.
    DSLR News Shooter - DSLR News Shooter is dedicated to the use of the latest HDSLRs like the Canon Eos 5DmkII, 7D and Nikon D300s for news, documentary and factual shooting.
    Hurlbut Visuals - Shane Hurlbut shares knowledge on using HDSLR for filmmaking.
    FreshDV - Industry news, reviews and training resources for HDSLR users.
    Negative Spaces Blog - Ben Cain tests DSLRs and shares some tips on how to use them.
    Vincent Laforet’s Blog - Vincent is another leader in the DSLR revolution and is continually pushing these cameras to create captivating images.
    Cinema 5D News – Daily news feed for DSLR filmmakers.
    Wiegaertner Films – Sebastian Wiegärtner shares info, teaches HDSLR workshops and much more.
    DSLR HD - Blog with a interesting series called: Why You Should Not Shoot Video With A DSLR.
    ProLost - Stu share info on color correction, cameras and the like.
    Learning DSLR Video - Best blog for beginning HDSLR users. Dave explores shooting video on DSLRs and shares findings.
    No Film School - Home of The DSLR Cinematography Guide.
    Canon Filmmakers - One of the first kids on the DSLR-for-film block.
    DSLR Cinematography - News, reviews and tutorials for DSLR filmmakers.
    El Skid’s Blog – Robin Schmidt’s killer blog on filmmaking, HDSLR filmmaker and more.
    Nino Film - Commercial and documentary shooting with a stellar blog.
    A 550D User’s Blog – Michael Schmidt shares links, videos and more.
    7D Pro - Designed simply to provide an online presence for Canon EOS DSLR users
    Wide Open Camera – Tests, giveaways and great information for HDSLR users.
    Cheesy Cam – If your interested in DIY and DSLRs this is the blog for you.
    FStoppers – Information pertaining to professional photography of all kinds.
    Tom Guilmette – Sports and nature shooter who is always sharing tips and tricks.
    DV Culture – Online platform focused on Digital Video News, Product Reviews.
    Phil Hoyt – Sharing info on HDSLRs, gear and more.
    Digital SLR Shooter – Blog on Hybrid shooting and video production.
    Scene Blog – A Blog by Filmmakers For Filmmakers.
    Daniel Freytag’s Blog – DSLR related blog content.
    Need Creative – For those who are passionate about HDSLRs, Macs and other visual tech.
    Next WaveDV – The Next wave of digital video.
    5D Mark II Team – Improvements and Gear.


    The C47iTunes – Learn lighting, shooting, and post workflow from a DSLR user.
    16×9 Cinema | iTunes – The home of Carl Olson’s ”Digital Convergence Podcast” and blog where he shares information, resources, and interviews industry professionals.
    Crossing the 180 | iTunes – Ron Dawson interviews filmmakers and talk about DSLRs in production.
    My DSLR Show – weekly web series for filmmakers using DSLR cameras.
    RED CentreiTunes – Wait… RED??? Yes, but lately Mike Seymour and Jason Wingrove cover a lot of DSLR topics and info.


    EOS HD - Forum and blog sharing news and videos.
    Cinema5D - International HDSLR Forum with a great community.
    DVX User – Its a DVX user blog with HDSLR info to boot!
    Creative Cow – Creative Community of DSLR Users.

    Vimeo Groups

    Cinemacuteo Free Film School.
    DSLR Cinema.
    Canon DLSR Video Users Group.
    DSLR Filmmakers Group.
    Canon EOS 7D.

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