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  • In Depth “Monkey Selfie” Details!

    Thursday, August 21, 2014

    Greetings One and All!

    Many of you have no doubt seen the “Monkey Selfie” that’s been going around the internet.

    What you may not know is that it’s from one of our photographers, David Slater!  There’s been a lot of attention given to this image, mostly because Wikimedia is claiming that there is no copyright and it can be used without any licensing because it was the monkey that took the photo.  Please read on and let us know what you think!

    We represent many dedicated nature and wildlife photographers who traverse the globe in pursuit of extraordinary images that document our world and the species within it.  David is one of them.  They schlep their gear all over the planet, sleep in unnatural settings, always looking for that special light just at the right time, often positioned in remote locations, sitting and waiting for the animals to appear, in order to document their behavior in whatever season it is.  It’s not a comfortable life and nobody’s getting rich, that’s for sure!  Still they do this because they have a passion that cannot be quenched until they’ve taken the risks and gotten the shots.

    David Slater is a serious wildlife photographer and he spent considerable time in the field with a local guide tracking the location of this troop of Crested Black Macaque monkeys in the rainforests of Sulawesi, Indonesia.  He has shared his story of how this photo came to be and we thought you might enjoy reading about it.  Click Here to Read Story

    I’m bringing this to your attention for several reasons.  Copyright these days is a very serious issue and using someone’s photo without licensing it properly is a detriment to our entire industry.  As industry professionals, we need to support a photographer’s copyright of an image and the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) is doing just that, in their response to Wikimedia, who is claiming that the image is available to all in the Public Domain. Click Here to Read iLPC Response.

    Lastly, David has partnered with a print/canvas company, Picanova, that is giving away canvas framed prints of the Monkey Selfie.  They are donating to the Macaque preservation fund in this Indonesian location for every print they offer.  If you want your own print, here’s your chance: Click Here for Press Release with link to free print

    That’s it from Seattle.  We hope you’ve found this story of interest and would love to hear your take on it!


    Danita and Team

  • Antarctic Reflections 2014

    Wednesday, January 29, 2014

    At last Dave and I made it to Antarctica including South Georgia and the South Shetland islands.  For those of you that have been there, now I understand!  It was amazing really!  Three weeks on a Zegrahm Expeditions’ adventure/expedition cruise ship, 90 passengers, 8 lecturers of the highest level and experience in Antarctica—most of them having been there for over 25 years…. We learned everything from the differences in seal’s teeth structure, to Plate Tectonics and geological formations, to feather design/functionality of different species of penguins and what they’re used for, the difference in pack ices, sea ice, blue ice, ice flows, bergy bits, etc. , oh and let’s not forget the amazing historic early expeditions by Shackleton (amazing man), Amundsen, and Byrd in their race for the South Pole in the early 1900’s. We felt like we were in a graduate level college program for 3 weeks, usually 3 lectures a day, none of which you wanted to miss because they were all so fascinating and informative!  All this, in-between landing at penguin colonies of 50,000+ birds, giant elephant seals with stinking breath belching 4 feet from us, little fur seal pups  playing tag with each other for dominance, and coming over to us with little “grrrs” like they’re really tough….wanting to nip at is like they do their  buddies.  Every day was equally astounding!  We made about 3 landings a day in-between “days at sea”, here and there between the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic peninsula.  We cruised around in zodiac rubber boats and landed on ice floes and everywhere there were sea birds like giant wandering albatrosses,  petrels, and beautiful magic light and double rainbows!  Believe me, I have looked at photos from these areas for years, but being in the middle of it was an entirely different thing!  To top this off, it turned out to be our“7th Continent”, which was a great and unexpected surprise because we hadn’t really been counting!  Make it a priority and put it on your Bucket List for down the road!

    Cheers and best wishes for a great 2014!  I know ours couldn’t have started out any better!


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  • Easter Around The World

    Friday, April 6, 2012

    Easter time is here, we perused our site looking for what Easter means around the world and came up with quite a few traditional Easter images. From daffodils in Oregon, to Irish chocolate bunnies. The ceremonial procession of Holy Week in Spain to the colorful chicks for sale in Morocco. Guatemalan holiday boasts traditional Semana Santa purple robes with incense burning during the procession of Holy Week. While in Ecuador, ‘Cucuruchos’ during the Good Friday Procession commemorating the death of Jesus Christ, a man carries a cactus crucifix on his back. Wherever you are in the world, have a Happy Easter.

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  • New Content – Ladakh, India – Jaina Mishra

    Friday, April 6, 2012
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  • Mark your calendars for ASPP program–Saturday April 9th!

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    ASPP Seattle Workshop Announced: Meet experts and influencers from Publicis, HADW, MSNBC & Many More. Register today!  This is going to be a fabulous well-rounded program from some very interesting professionals working in the Seattle area.  If you want to get a take on what’s going on from a designer/art director/producer/videographer’s point of view, you should register for this program now.  There is limited seating for this all day event!

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  • In Praise of Our NANPA Wildlife Photographers

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011
    © Savanah Stewart

    © Savanah Stewart

    As a charter member of NANPA and long time Foundation Executive board member, I’m sorry to say I’ll be missing the 2011 Summit in McAllen, Texas next month, due to an upcoming trip to South Africa. The extraordinary nature and wildlife photographers that I have met during the course of my time at NANPA have made all the difference to my professional career.  Many come out of the bush, literally, in order to network with colleagues and find out what’s going on within the industry.  I have enjoyed working with many award winning photographers such as Frans Lanting, Art Wolfe, Christian Ziegler and others.  They have been documenting different species  and habitats for years, returning again and again to catch the right behavior, weather or lighting conditions at a certain time and place.  Nature and wildlife photography is always a surprise and one never knows what one will return with.  My years of editing these images have taught me the value of time, patience and the skill that these extraordinary photographers have.  They wait for the animals to appear, displaying whatever their special behavior is, and once in awhile, they catch it just right, with the light working its magic all around.  It’s these special moments that I have witnessed after the fact, but by editing so many images, I often see the complete situation, from beginning to end and I see how hard it is to get the shot!

    I am fortunate to know these experienced photographers, as well as the younger, up and coming photographers whose portfolios I review at NANPA.  They attend the conference,  eager for information and knowledge that many of these seasoned pros share during the course of the NANPA programs and field workshops.  Much of the photography that I represent exemplifies these glimpses of nature in all its glory and it’s a pleasure to have them available to clients on a worldwide scale.  Lastly, Outdoor Photographer magazine recently published its list of the 40 most influential nature photographers.  Congratulations to the 14 NANPA members who made that list. It’s a pleasure to know them all!

    Here’s a small sample of some of the outstanding NANPA photographers we represent:

    Frans Lanting

    AF21 FLA0062AF24 FLA0028

    Left: AF21 FLA0062 © Frans Lanting /

    Lobelia flower, Lobelia deckenii, Mt Kenya National Park, Kenya

    Right: AF24 FLA0028 © Frans Lanting /

    Red-fronted brown lemur drinking, Eulemur rufus, Madagascar

    Stuart Westmorland

    SA12 SWE0047US12 SWE0033

    Left: SA12 SWE0047 © Stuart Westmorland /

    Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) Caribbean Sea near Roatan, Honduras

    Right: US12 SWE0033 © Stuart Westmorland /

    USA, Hawaii, Big Island, near Kona, Day Octopus (Octopus cyanea)

    Art Wolfe

    AF31 AWO0002SA22 AWO0002

    Left: AF31 AWO0002 © Art Wolfe /

    Africa, Namibia, Namib National Park. Web-footed Gecko (Palmatogecko rangei)

    Right: SA22 AWO0002 © Art Wolfe /

    Central America, Costa Rica, Back-lit frog on leaf

    Kristen Mosher

    AF45 KRM0145AF45 KRM0000

    Left: AF45 KRM0145 © Kristin Mosher /

    Africa, Tanzania, Gombe NP, Young chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), Tanga curious about Gaia’s log

    Right: AF45 KRM0000 © Kristin Mosher /

    Africa, Tanzania, Gombe NP, Chimpanzees at play (Pan troglodytes)

    Christian Zeigler

    SA15 CZI0001SA15 CZI0180

    Left: SA15 CZI0001 © Christian Ziegler /

    Central America, Panama, Borro Colorado Island. Enormous colonies of millions of leaf cutter ants (Atta columbica) cultivate and protect a fungus, which they eat.

    Right: SA15 CZI0180 © Christian Ziegler /

    Central America, Panama, Barro Colorado Island. Defense pose of praying mantis, family Mantidae.

    Kevin Schafer

    EU36 KSC0009US45 KSC0004

    Left: EU36 KSC0009 © Kevin Schafer /

    Shetland Pony, mainland Shetland Islands, stongest horse for size, Scotland, UK.

    Right: US45 KSC0004 © Kevin Schafer /

    Racoon, (Procyon lotor), fishing, Uinta National Forest, Utah, USA.

    Michele Westmorland

    OC01 MWE0003OC13 MWT0240

    Left: OC01 MWE0003 © Michele Westmorland /

    South Pacific, Fiji, Viti Levu, Bligh Water, Coral Reef, Multicolor Soft Corals (Dendronepthya sp.) and schooling Fairy Basslets (Pseudanthias squaminipinnis)

    Right: OC13 MWT0240 © Michele Benoy Westmorland /

    Lagoon safari trip featuring Stingrays (Himantura fai), small Blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) and variety of fish including Pacific Double-saddle Butterflyfish (Chaetodon ulietensis)

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  • Great Pacific Floating Garbage Patch at Midway Atoll

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    I attended a Conservation International fund raising dinner last week here in Seattle and was so moved by the presentation by David de Rothschild, an “Eco Adventurer.”  His presentation addressed the floating garbage in the Pacific that often pools around Midway atoll on the northwestern edge of the Hawaiian islands.  Many of us have heard about the floating garbage that accumulates there due to the tides and currents of the changing seas, but few of us have seen the impact it’s taken on the Albatross colonies that nest there.  He showed us a couple of photos showing one albatross chick that had over 300 pieces of plastic garbage in its stomach when dissected. Everything from plastic bottle caps to cigarette lighters, plastic bags and just about everything in-between.  The feeding parents spot something floating on the water’s surface, dive down and scoop it up, later to regurgitate it to their chicks.  This includes many of the plastic garbage bags that we get at the checkout counters everyday.

    US12 FLA0082

    © Frans Lanting /

    Anyway, I was editing some Frans Lanting images the other day and ran across this sad photo of a Laysan albatross pair at its nest–supposedly incubating their “egg” which is really a fishing net float!  Thanks to Frans Lanting’s extraordinary work in conservation photography and to David de Rothschild for making me even more aware of this sad state that our planet is in.  Let’s all try to make a difference in whatever way we can.  I encourage you to start with bringing your own bags, or ask for the the “paper bag” option!

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  • New Content – Lisa Engelbrecht – Central Europe

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    Central European countries are known for bright colors, buzzing plazas, welcoming parks, open air markets and friendly people. In Lisa Engelbrechts newest submission, you get a taste all of of these great characteristics and more. With images from Croatia, Italy and Switzerland you’re sure to see something that would stand out in any layout.

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  • New Content – Jerry and Marcy Monkman – New England

    Tuesday, November 2, 2010

    New England in the fall and winter months can be one of the most breathtaking regions in all of America, if not the world. This latest submission from Jerry and Marcy Monkman drops you right in the middle of this magical time with some iconic scenic and still life imagery.

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  • Wired in NYC

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    Just returned from a week in NYC with action packed industry meetings.  Best tip; check out Wired magazine for great examples of electronic magazine tablet publishing.  You can download it to your Ipad for $3.99 per issue.   If you’re a photographer, watch  agreements for all inclusive, all media uses and think twice about what they’re asking for.  We’ve come a long way to be just giving away rights at this point…

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