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  • New Galleries – UNESCO & Historical Engravings

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    We have added two new galleries to the website that will give you taste of some of the latest and greatest imagery we have added to our collection.

    The first features some of the most beautiful locations on earth, UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Every photo  has been hand picked by Danita for its striking color, composition and unique characteristics that make it worthy of such distinction.

    From the site:

    Ancient and significant historical and natural history sites are often the subject of our globe-trotting photographers. They frequently find themselves surrounded by some of our planet’s most important treasures, including remote cultural or natural areas that have long been forgotten. With UNESCO World Heritage Sites increasingly in the news, we wanted of offer a sampling of the thousands of images available on our site.

    AF14 PLA0989AS07 JLE1376EU31 RER0004AS26 JLE0177

    The second gallery we have added features Engravings of Historic Figures and Events the we recently added to our site. Offering a glimpse into the past, each engraving is crafted with such detail and skill that you can’t help but appreciate the effort it took to document and maintain historical record before the invention of the photograph.

    From the site:

    What do Galileo, Louis Pasteur, and Meriwether Lewis have in common? They’re all part of our new collection of engravings depicting great leaders and historic figures: Simon Bolivar, Johann Sebastian Bach, Martin Luther, Machiavelli, Thomas Alva Edison, Christopher Columbus, Peter the Great, and many more!

    HI12 PRI0070HI13 PRI0023HI12 PRI0178HI12 PRI0186HI13 PRI0001HI12 PRI0168

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  • Bing!

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    bing11In the past 8 months the name Bing has become synonymous with internet searching. In order carve out their niche and get as big a piece of the search-engine-pie as possible, Microsoft had to significantly step up it’s game with Bing and present a bright, fresh face to the world. This is the department where Bing outshines the competition. Pure aesthetics. Every day, a new, striking image is displayed on the Bing home page. Since their official launch in June ’09, Microsoft has turned to the Danita Delimont Collection numerous times to represent their global face. We are proud to have our photos used in Bing’s markets around the world, including Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America exposing our stunning travel photography to millions of viewers.

    With the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards dominating much of the virtual conversations this past Sunday, Jan 31st, Bing needed a photograph that conveyed the diverse world of music. They chose Walter Bibikow’s colorful image of Mexican toy guitars from our site (shown above). You can still see the image on until Saturday by visiting their Homepage here and browsing the “past images” with the arrows at the bottom right of the page. If you miss it, we’ve preserved the photo along with other past images appearing on Bing. You can see them in our Bing gallery along with links to the original images.

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  • Frans Lanting images now available

    Friday, November 20, 2009
    © Frans Lanting

    © Frans Lanting

    We’re honored to offer images from Frans Lanting.  His commitment to documenting our world and its biodiversity is well known.  He has spent many years in the field, photographing the diverse cultures throughout the world, ecosystems, habitats, and the flora and fauna found within.  The depth and breadth he brings to our collection is exceptional and we hope you’ll find some of his images of use to your projects.

    We’ve prepared a gallery of selected images from Frans. Please click here to have a look or you can click here to see all of the Frans Lanting images currently in our collection.






  • Some Favorites…

    Thursday, November 5, 2009

    Over the years some images in our collection have stood out to our clients as extraordinary. They are the type of photos that are used again and again in a surprisingly wide variety of projects. We have taken the time to create a gallery of some of the  images that have received the most attention and peppered in a few of our favorites as well. Please click on any of the photos below to view the gallery. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and that they help inspire your creative side.



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  • Amazing Amazon River Dolphins

    Wednesday, November 4, 2009

    © Kevin Schafer /

    Years ago while traveling 3500 miles up the Amazon River on an expedition cruise ship, it was hard not to notice the  pink river dolphins surfacing everywhere.  We would go out on rubber zodiacs during the day with the naturalists, cruising up the tributaries  looking for caimen and other Amazonian wildlife.  The dolphins were quite distinctive and since then I’ve had occasional photo requests, but no images to offer.  Now our photographer, Kevin Shafer, has photographed these peculiar mammals for an article appearing in the June 2009 issue of Nat’l Geographic and we are thrilled to have gotton some of those images for our collection.  To see some of the photos we have, search our site for (or click on) the keywords  “river dolphin” or the Latin name “Inia geoffrensis” and you will find them.

  • Kevin Schafer

    Saturday, May 9, 2009

    Copyright Kevin Schafer

    We’ve recently started adding material from Kevin Schafer’s collection of worldwide nature and travel content. Kevin’s been shooting the world for over 25 years and has enormous breadth and depth of coverage from our natural world.

    I found it interesting that he first got his start in this business after working for the postal service based in McMurdo Sound in Antarctica! We never know how our lives will evolve and what our career paths will lead us to. I’ve known of Kevin’s work for many years and am thrilled to have the images he’s offered us, exclusive to our site.

    What’s nice about Kevin’s work is that although he’s a “nature” photographer, he’s had the opportunity to travel the world and has learned how important it is to include people traveling on location, visiting a destination etc. and incorporates people into his shots whenever he can.

    Kevin was honored by NANPA (the North American Nature Photography Association) with the Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year in 2007, award and has many achievements and awards besides.

    Click here to see Kevin’s gallery

  • Phil Borges

    Friday, May 8, 2009

    Copyright Phil Borges

    Phil Borges is an amazing photographer whose interest in the empowerment of women has taken him to third world countries in search of documenting their achievements. He’s found women in many dubious situations and how they’ve overcome their poverty or helplessness and brought success to their community of women in different ways. We honor his work and are grateful to have it available to you!

    Phil also shoots in a unique portrait style, reminiscent of Edward Curtis, in my mind. Phil spent his earlier career as an orthodontist before realizing the fulfillment that his photography would bring him.

    He and his wife Julee also have an amazing student photo program called “Bridges to Understanding.” It links indigenous middle school students from various parts of the world to each other through the internet. Their photo trips bring in volunteer mentors to teach students how to use digital still and video cameras. Then the students work on projects documenting their daily lives, to share with student classrooms in other parts of the world.

    Click to see Phil’s gallery

  • Axiom

    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    Copyright Axiom Images

    Copyright Axiom Images

    We are pleased to bring you a new collection of travel related content from a new partner in Europe called Axiom.

    This new sub-agency is a partner specializing in worldwide travel content. They bring a new perspective to our site that will appeal to many of you, featuring images from some of Europe’s award winning photographers.