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  • danita_selfie

    Thursday, August 21, 2014


    Posted by Danita in || 2 comments ||

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    • Nathan Delimont

      Hi Danita,

      My name is Nathan Delimont, and I am wondering if we are some how related? Delimont isn’t a very popular last name and really I have never heard of it anywhere other then your name coming up a lot. I am originally from Kansas, where a whole family of Delimonts reside, do you know if you are of any relation to them?

    • Hello Nathan,

      Yes, my Dad came from Long Island. Cyrus and Cleta Delimont were my Grandparents. My Dad was Duane (Mike) Delimont but he died in 1969. I never lived there so haven’t spent much time there. Who are your parents? You can email me directly off my website

      Best wishes, Danita

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