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  • PICTAday Hamburg 2013

    Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    A recent business trip throughout Germany brought us to Hamburg for the annual PICTAday event. We were thrilled that new publishing clients sought us out, knowing that we have content different than what they have available through the German stock agency websites. Having studied German for 11 years, I’m always looking for opportunities to use it. Accompanying me was my son Davis Herbig, a recent UW graduate, who also speaks German, spent time as an exchange student in Hamburg, and studied abroad in Berlin. We met with publishing clients and image partners in Munich, Leipzig, Berlin, and Hamburg. He’s currently working with us and I’ve got him working with our German clients.

    PICTAday Hamburg 2013

    So many of us have spent entire careers going through images from around the world and we came up with a kind of game show quiz. In the past, while exhibiting at Visual Connections in both New York and Chicago, we’ve offered prizes for winning our Banner Quiz. We offered it in German at PICTAday and that was interesting!  Like many of our American colleagues, the German researchers and editors were equally excited for the challenge. Naturally, we really make it tough but there are always a few editors who truly know their stuff!

    Danita & Davis in Germany

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